Huntsville Public School/Riverside Public School Boundary Reviews

A review of the grade distribution of French Immersion students between Huntsville Public School and Riverside Public School has taking place.

In Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) schools, we aim to provide our students with the best possible educational experience. This review helps us ensure we are able to continue supporting high-quality educational programming, student achievement and well-being.

Following the community consultation meeting, options were taken to the TLDSB Board of Trustees in June 2023 for approval.

Once the review is complete, Huntsville Public School and Riverside Public School families will receive the details in a communication from your child’s school. Any changes will take effect September 2024.

Decision reached – effective September 2024

At the June 13, 2023, Regular Meeting of the Board, trustees approved the reconfiguration of the French Immersion grades at Huntsville Public School and Riverside Public School. 

Effective September 2024, Riverside Public School will include Grade 5, and an expansion to include Grades 6 effective September 2025.


Frequently asked questions

A review of the grade distribution of French Immersion students between Huntsville Public School and Riverside Public School is taking place to look at balancing school enrolment and capacity, each school’s facilities, programs offered, and any limitations at both schools. Overall, we want to provide the best possible programming for our students.

Currently, Riverside Public School french immersion has Grades 1-4, Huntsville Public School french immersion has Grades 5-8.

No, we are not adjusting the school catchment area boundary for either school.

  • French Immersion grades: How does the current distribution affect the schools and students, and whether a change would be beneficial.
  • Special education: With any change, our staff will reflect the needs of the students.
  • Child care: We expect there will be no change to before and after care.
  • School facilities: The gym at Riverside Public School is a double sized gym, which allows for more classroom use each day.
  • Outdoor space: Riverside Public School has a much larger outdoor space and more parking spaces than Huntsville Public School.

No, students in the English program are not affected by this review.

We are creating the plan for September 2024 so that there is time for families to make child care adjustments, if needed. On the staffing side of a change, the Human Resources Services department will follow the collective agreement provisions with our staffing groups to address any staffing change.

This is a grade distribution review for French Immersion between the two schools due to overall capacity.

Unfortunately, the Riverside Public School does not have the capacity at this time to house all Grade 1 to Grade 8 French Immersion students under one roof.

The Board is at the beginning stages of this review which includes a consultation meeting with our families and community members.

Following the meeting, options will be taken to the Board of Trustees at the June Regular Meeting of the Board.

Families will be made aware of the outcome of the review and if there is a change to the grade distribution, it will take effect September 2024.

If you require any of the above documents in an accessible version, contact Communications Services at [email protected].

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