Dr. George Hall PS/Jack Callaghan PS/ Mariposa ES Boundary Review

A review of the catchment area for Dr. George Hall Public School, Jack Callaghan Public School, and Mariposa Elementary School has been conducted.

Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) established school catchment areas within specific boundaries to help balance school enrolment and capacity, minimize transportation, and maximize walk zones. In TLDSB schools, we aim to provide our students with the best possible educational experience. This review will help us ensure we are able to continue supporting high-quality educational programming, student achievement and well-being.

Families of these schools were invited to a community consultation meeting. Following this meeting, options were taken to the TLDSB Board of Trustees in June 2023 for approval.

Decision reached – effective September 2024

At the June 13, 2023, Regular Meeting of the Board, trustees approved the recommendation to a modified option 1 boundary change for Dr. George Hall Public School, Jack Callaghan Public School, and Mariposa Elementary School.

The modification includes both the north and south sides of Salem Road to become Mariposa Public School’s catchment boundary. 

The new catchment boundaries for these three schools will take effect September 2024.

Community consultation

When: Wednesday, May 10 at 7 p.m.

Where: Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute cafeteria



Current boundary map for Dr. George Hall, Jack Callaghan Public School, and Mariposa Elementary School.

Proposed Option 1

This option looks at extending the Dr. George Hall catchment boundary north to Salem Road to include the entire area surrounding Little Britain which parts of which are currently part of Mariposa Elementary School’s catchment. Then going east to expand it to the Scugog River which is currently part of the Jack Callaghan Public School catchment. This option will include both north and south sides of Salem Road.

Proposed Option 2

The second proposed option looks at the boundary line following Little Britain Road splitting the current Dr. George Hall and Mariposa’s current boundaries in a ‘S’ shape. The north side of the road would attend Mariposa Elementary with the south side attending Dr. George Hall.

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Frequently asked questions

We are conducting this review now as we plan ahead for growth in the area. We know that there are many new housing developments underway in the Lindsay area.

Over time, these boundaries have been formed and revised based on older school catchments with the original historic school houses established in the area. Currently, the boundaries do not align well with our student populations and communities.

This review is within the catchment boundaries for Dr. George Hall Public School, Jack Callaghan Public School, and Mariposa Elementary School. You may review the three maps on this page to look at the current boundaries, along with the two proposed options.

It is estimated that approximately 60 students are within the proposed changed areas.

We are developing a plan to support the students who will be transitioning to a new school. This will include engaging the mental health counsellors in schools to support these students and school visits/meet the teacher events.

An option that’s being considered is allowing the few students currently (2022-2023) enrolled in Grade 6 to stay at their current school to finish their educational journey in Grade 8 with their peers.

Additionally, the option of allowing our incoming Junior Kindergarten students to enroll at their future home school for this September (2023) is being considered.

All transportation factors under the proposed options are being considered, along with a plan to look at options of accommodating those affected by a change.

We are creating the plan for September 2024 so that there is time for families to make child care adjustments, if needed. On the staffing side of a change, the Human Resources Services Department will follow the collective agreement provisions with our staffing groups to address any staffing change.

The Board is at the beginning stages of this review, which includes a consultation meeting with our families and community members.

Following the meeting, options will be taken to the Board of Trustees at the June Regular Meeting of the Board and families will be made aware of the outcome of the review which will take effect September 2024.

Once a decision has been made in June, parents/guardians will receive a communication with the details of the outcome in June.

You can provide feedback using this form until Friday, May 19.

If you have a question about this review, contact Wendy Browne, executive assistant to superintendent of learning Jennifer Johnston.

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