May 21 to May 26, 2023


Where the Arts come alive

Since 2005, thousands of Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) students from Grades 7 to 12 have come together for five days each spring to celebrate the Arts and receive specialized instruction from exceptional professionals at the Trillium Lakelands Art Camp, otherwise known as TLAC!

TLAC 2023

We are planning TLAC 2023 to be held as a traditional camp experience, taking place from May 21 to 26, 2023 at Camp White Pine in Haliburton.

TLAC offers specialized instruction for instrumental and vocal music, drama, musical theatre, dance, and visual arts within an exciting overnight camp experience.

This arts camp is set up as a typical high school day with four periods. There are evening concerts, featuring performances from major artists, a presentation from local visual artists, and an art display. This enriched arts experience is enhanced by the summer camp atmosphere.

Registration is now closed

I have registered for TLAC, now what?

  • The TLAC committee will review registrations to determine final student schedules.
  • The TLAC committee will review all counsellor/CIT applications and contact selected students.
  • In April, all campers will receive a full program information package. The package will outline bus pick up times, all details of students’ individual program including items they may need to bring, a packing list, and additional general information about camp.
  • Cabin information will be provided to campers by the student cabin counsellors in early May.
  • If students need to withdraw from camp (prior to May 19, 2023) a refund will be provided less an administration fee of $50.00.

The details:

How much does TLAC Cost?

TLAC costs $475 if you register before December 9, or $525 if you register after December 9, but prior to January 13, 2023. If a family has more than one student attending TLAC, fees are $425 per student.

TLDSB strives for educational equity so that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. In order to be equitable, we hope to make TLAC accessible to all students who want to attend. Please request financial assistance on the digital registration or email [email protected] if you require financial assistance in order to attend TLAC.

What do I need to bring to camp?

  • Cabins contain beds with only mattresses provided. Campers must supply their own sleeping gear.
  • Your clothes and washbag! The weather can be chilly in May, so campers are expected to dress accordingly with lots of layers and extra blankets for sleeping.
  • If weather looks rainy, you may want to include a second pair of shoes in case the first pair gets wet.
  • Any materials specified in the programs you signed up for.
  • Something to sit on (small cushion or a 2nd pillow case for your pillow) that you don’t mind getting dirty. Campers sit on the floor at the Pinetages Theatre for the evening programs.

Cell phones at TLAC

Missing home is a normal, healthy emotion. It’s okay to miss home and still have fun at camp. It’s just when the missing home starts to impede on our ability to have fun at camp that we need to work on solutions to acknowledge and manage those feelings. Phones at camp increase anxiety. When kids use their phones to talk to their parents/guardians in secret, it impacts their ability to share honestly with their support people at camp.

The reality of our dependence on cell phones has been a very challenging issue for camps/schools over the last few years. As per the TLDSB appropriate use of technology policy, cell phones can only be used with the permission of the teacher, as an educational tool. We need a commitment from both campers (and parents/guardians) to follow the TLDSB appropriate use policy. We can only do so much to control a camper’s phone. It’s up to parents/guardians to ensure that their campers understand the personal use/cell phone policy before arriving at TLAC, and support it. Phones at camp are counter to the environment we are trying to create.

Phones will NOT be allowed in the dining hall or during evening performances at Pinetages Theatre.


At this time, we do not know what protocols will be in place but TLDSB will follow all protocols necessary in May 2023 to keep students safe.

History of TLAC

In June 2002, 20 TLDSB students attended the Durham Integrated Arts Camp at Camp White Pine in Haliburton, Ontario. The purpose of this was to provide an opportunity for music students from Grades 7 to 12 to enhance their skills in an enriched environment while enjoying the camp experience. Durham’s camp had approximately 350 students at this time.

The following year, 2003, TLDSB students attended once again. At this time it was proposed that TLDSB consider developing a camp based on the Durham model. 400 students attended TLAC in 2013.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to the event, For more information, contact the TLAC Steering Committee by email at [email protected].

Photos and videos from past years

2022 Video

2021 Video

2019 Video

If you require any of the above videos in an accessible format, contact Communications Services at [email protected].

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