Conducting Research

Trillium Lakelands District School Board recognizes the important benefits and contributions of educational research while at the same time safeguarding the privacy of the educational community. The Board supports educational research but acknowledges that students have been entrusted to schools for their personal education. Educational research will not take place at the expense of student achievement and well-being.

Requests to conduct research from individuals and/or organizations are reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee to evaluate the relevance of the topic, as well as the design of the study, with consideration for, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Where appropriate, an ethical review of the proposed research has been completed and approved according to the guidelines of the affiliated institution/agency prior to the submission of the research application;
  • The research is relevant to education in general and/or the TLDSB Strategic Directions of the Board;
  • The research focus and procedures are consistent with Board policies;
  • The researcher has outlined appropriate procedures for obtaining informed consent from participants in the research;
  • The researcher has outlined appropriate procedures to deal with sensitive issues should they arise during the research;
  • The rights of the participants in the research are protected, including the privacy of personal information in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • The research is not unduly demanding of students, staff, and individual schools, with respect to time and resources requested;
  • There are no inordinate time demands, which create undue interference with the instructional program of individuals or groups of students;
  • The use of the results of the research is clearly outlined;
  • A process is in place to ensure that the Research Advisory Committee shall receive a summary report of the results prior to any public disclosure or publication and within two months of completion.

For further information and to complete an application to conduct research with TLDSB, please contact [email protected].

Applications to conduct research

Research information

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Study information

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Overview of proposed research

Importance of research

Research methodology and collection data

Participants requested(Required)

Ethical considerations and protection of privacy

Approval by institution/agency

This research proposal has been approved by the Ethics Review Committee (if applicable)(Required)

Professor/instructor (for AQ/PQP/SOQP course)

Providing feedback

Researcher's agreeement

I have read the Trillium Lakelands District School Board's Policy and Procedure for Conducting Research and agree that this research will be conducted in accordance with those procedures(Required)
I agree that I will maintain the utmost confidentiality and will not disclose any personal information I obtain on students, teachers, or others through my research(Required)
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