Spruce Glen Public School was full of holiday cheer again this year

Spruce Glen Public School (SGPS) students and staff have been in the festive spirit this month, working hard to help support the Huntsville community.

See the summary of activities below, written and submitted by SGPS students:

“The SGPS community has been helping our local Table Soup Kitchen Foundation to stock their shelves this holiday season. The Grade 7/8 students set up a challenge this year to see which class could bring in the most items. Given the spirit and generosity that our Gators have, SGPS was able to bring in over 1800 non-perishable items! The Gators are proud to be able to help out those in need this holiday season.

Students from SGPS’s Social Justice and Equity Committee made beaded bracelets to sell for charity. We are pleased to announce that our school raised about $206, which will also be donated to the Table Soup Kitchen Foundation. Way to go students and families!

One of the most cherished traditions at SGPS is “The Turkey Dinner.” The Grade 8 students organize and prepare a formal turkey dinner for the staff and special guests in the Board and our community. The last couple of years have been hard and we couldn’t host the annual dinner. This year we raised close to $800 with donations by staff, students, and various restaurants. The dinner was fun and there were over 70 guests.

None of this would have been possible without the help of families, staff, and students. Everyone got involved and wanted to make a difference to this year at Christmas time. We thank those who donated and gave their time to help support The Table Soup Kitchen, including Bullocks Independent Grocer, 3 Guys And A Stove, Family Place Restaurant, and Kimberly Clark.

Merry Christmas!”

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