Professional Activity Day – June 7

On June 7, Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) teaching staff, educational assistants (EA), designated early childhood educators (DECE), and early childhood educators from elementary schools across the Board will be participating in professional development in-person, focusing on report card writing and reporting to parents/guardians. Below is the format that will be taking place throughout the day:


Length: Full day
Topic: Report card writing and reporting to parents/guardians
Entity hosting: TLDSB
Presenter(s)/facilitator(s): School administrators
Description: The day is dedicated to report card preparation, reporting to parents/guardians, and ongoing communication between school and home. DECEs are expected to collaborate with Kindergarten teachers in preparing the communication of learning reports for Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.

EAs with current Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) certification will participate in a half day recertification training course. The other half of the day is to be spent at their home school with a focus on the preparation of transition packages for the students that they are working with.

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