Peace blooms at Muskoka Falls Public School

The Peace Bloomers is a fundraiser designed by a team of Grade 6 students at Muskoka Falls Public School (MFPS) with a goal of raising funds to support the citizens of Ukraine. 

The idea for the fundraiser came from a learning experience where the students were asked to listen to podcasts and stories about the war in the Ukraine. This task was the vehicle that inspired three students, Evelynn Fager, Teva Minler, and Jillian O’Neill, to take action through empathy, kindness, and care.

The team spent recesses and nutrition breaks over a number of weeks learning how to design a fundraiser, from beginning to end. The students made sunflowers out of construction paper, and developed messaging to share with the school, encouraging fellow students to bring in a loonie or toonie in exchange for a sunflower.  

Through The Peace Bloomers, the Muskoka Falls community and Trillium Lakelands District School Board have generously contributed to the fundraiser. All funds raised will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Crisis Appeal to provide financial support, basic needs, and other support for displaced citizens.  

The Peace Bloomers have inspired fellow students to learn and think about how they have the power to help others, through actions, words, and random acts of kindness,” said MFPS principals, Jennifer Richter. “I am so exceptionally proud of our community.”

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