Alexandra Public School students donate money to Sick Kids Hospital

At Alexandra Public School (APS), the classroom that raises the most money for the Terry Fox Foundation wins a prize donated by the Parent Council. A typical way of celebrating is having a pizza lunch for the class. This year, it was Miss Sara McConnell’s Grade ⅔ class who fundraised the most for Terry Fox. But when it came time to brainstorm prize ideas, the students opted for a different kind of prize than the usual pizza party….

“When we started brainstorming different types of celebrations we could have, one of our students voiced his opinion that he thought we should donate the money that would have been spent on a pizza party to a hospital instead. Another student mentioned Sick Kids Hospital specifically, and then the idea snowballed, with everyone ultimately voting that they would prefer to donate the money,” explained McConnell. “A lot of our families have used Sick Kids or know someone who has needed their services.”

See the classroom letter below to Parent Council:

“Dear Parent Council,

I think we should donate to Sick Kids Hospital because we want to support kids who need medicine and surgery.

We want children to feel better and have a healthy good life so they can be with their families.

The Grade ⅔ Class”

In the end, a total of $75 was generously donated to Sick Kids on behalf of the Grade ⅔ class, along with handwritten letters from the students.

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