V.K. Greer Memorial Public School teacher raises money for school playground

On November 6, V.K. Greer Memorial Public School (VKGMPS) prep teacher, Robin Mounsteven, ran in the second annual Mary Lake Marathon to raise awareness and support for the school’s Kindergarten program and playground.

“I choose to contribute to the development of the kids in our community by providing them with a greater range of equipment to explore, helping shape their creativity and joy of play and prepare them for success,” said Mounsteven.

Throughout his three-week fundraising efforts leading up to the marathon, which included a GoFundMe page, Mounsteven raised a total of $6,500, which has been donated to the school’s Parent Council!

“The proposed improvements that will make a huge impact are small/medium scale landscaping and removal/installation of various medium-sized structures, the creation of themed stations, outdoor storage areas, smart seating, as well as tables and environmentally-friendly outdoor toys,” said Mounsteven.

This is Mounsteven’s second marathon. Last year, he organized the fundraising efforts to directly support his friend who has some complex medical issues.

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