TLDSB hosts High School Film Festival

On June 6, Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) held a High School Film Festival, which took place virtually in media arts and communications technology classrooms across the Board.

After taking a five-year break, the competition saw an impressive array of short films across four categories, including drama, comedy, non-fiction, and animation.The themes explored in the films highlighted the students’ ability to tackle a wide range of topics, showcasing not just their technical abilities, but also their thoughtful perspectives on various issues.

Students shared that it was a positive learning experience that allowed them to delve deeper into the art of filmmaking. Students gained hands-on experience in scriptwriting, directing, editing, and cinematography, working collaboratively to bring their visions to life.

Teachers played a crucial role in guiding and mentoring the students throughout the process. Many teachers spent countless hours after school assisting with the technical aspects of filmmaking and offering constructive feedback on the students’ projects. Their commitment and passion for nurturing creativity and innovation were evident in the high quality of the films presented.

In reflecting on the success of this year’s event, TLDSB consultant Claire Imrie expressed gratitude to the teachers and students for their hard work and dedication, “The overwhelming positive response from participants and viewers alike has set a promising precedent for future competitions. Thank you to the educators who foster an environment where creativity and learning go hand in hand so that the voices of young filmmakers can shine.”

Please see the winning schools below for each category identified by the judging panel:

School nameI.E. Weldon Secondary SchoolVirtual Learning CentreI.E. Weldon Secondary School (IEWSS)Virtual Learning Centre (VLC)
Name of filmThe Good, The Bad, and the ObliviousThe Sage of the ForestToxic Screens, Toxic MindsPerfect Worlds

Please see the overall winning schools below identified by student votes:

  • Best actor – IEWSS Grade 11 student, Drake Chaston, for his performance in The Good, the Bad and the Oblivious
  • Best overall film – The Sage of the Forest by VLC student

TLDSB thanks all the teachers and students for their incredible efforts in making this year’s film competition a success.

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