Highlights from the Board Room – November 24

Board Meeting   |  Tuesday, November 24, 2021


Swearing in of 2021-2022 student trustee

Director of Education, Wes Hahn, introduced the new 2021-2022 student trustee, Ben Hunter, who was sworn in for this school year. Hunter is a Grade 11 student at Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Secondary School.

Director’s Recognition Award

The Director’s Recognition Award highlights extraordinary contributions by staff members, students, school volunteers, or community members, and is presented by the Director of Education at each Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) Regular Meeting of the Board. Hahn introduced this month’s recipients of the Director’s Recognition Award.

Huntsville High School’s (HHS) principal, Alison Turnbull, was nominated for going above and beyond her role in holding the students and staff accountable for student achievement, and in ensuring the well-being of the entire HHS community. As a leader, Turnbull recognizes the importance of holding the students accountable for their actions, but also emphasizes engaging staff and students in further learning concerning equity issues, as this is a great strategy to combating the discrimination that is present in the school community. 

Archie Stouffer Elementary School (ASES) principal, Dawn Sudsbury, was nominated for being a highly passionate leader. Sudsbury prioritizes the needs of all learners, both students and staff, to support their development and enhance their educational experience. She sees potential in all students and advocates for every students’ right to quality education. She is constantly working with support partners to provide students with the services they need in order to be successful at school, as well as in life. Sudsbury is a compassionate leader and supports the ASES learning community in their learning and their well-being. Her efforts have created a strong team environment and make ASES a great place to learn!

Presentation by the Monck Public School student band

A special musical presentation from two of Ms Lonsdale’s classes was enjoyed by all. Grade 6 students performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow on their recorders and the Grade 7/ 8 class performed an instrumental version of Mambo Number 5.

Elementary curriculum update

ASES principal, Dawn Sudsbury, shared the school’s steps in creating the School Improvement Equity Plan (SIEP), which guides their work each year. Her team of educators collected and analyzed data, and noted that it’s the data that helps inform instruction and professional development decisions. Sudsbury also noted that the team created goals and predictions for the coming school year with equity as the overarching umbrella in everything they do. 

Secondary curriculum update

TLDSB curriculum consultants, Erika Einarson and Brittany Zablosky, presented three evidence-based instructional strategies and approaches to instruction; universal design for learning, differentiated instruction, and thinking classrooms. It was noted that classroom instruction is meeting the needs of the students and offering different ways for students to achieve success. Einarson and Zablosky indicated that educators have the option to implement any one of these approaches.

Director’s update

Director of Education, Wes Hahn, provided trustees with an update on the rollout of vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11. TLDSB is working with our local public health units to offer clinics at some school locations. Our community members will receive more information when the clinics have been scheduled by the health units. 

Hahn gave an overview of the policies currently in place within TLDSB schools to keep communities safe and healthy, and that there have been a number of recent ministry and public health updates for the upcoming holidays and into the new year. All of this information will be shared with the TLDSB community. 

Upon recent news that Ontario school boards may choose to return to a regular four class day schedule, or stay with the quadmester schedule in secondary schools, TLDSB is in consultation with students and staff to help inform a final decision that would come into effect in February 2022. 

Hahn gave an update on the Feed All Four Fund. Established in the fall of 2020, the Feed All Four Fund is a way for community members to give back to their community. 100 percent of its funds directly support TLDSB students and their families. To date, there have been 102 separate requests from 31 schools across the Board. More than half of the requests are related to food security and support for personal well-being. Over $42,000 has been distributed thus far. The first Board-wide spirit day took place on November 19, which was a Jersey Day fundraiser for the Feed All Four Fund. Hahn noted that schools are tallying their donations and that the total amount raised will be shared when it is known.

Administrative reports

2020-2021 Financial Statements and Auditor’s Final Report

Superintendent of Business Services, Tim Ellis, presented trustees with the Financial Statements and Auditor’s Final Report, as well as the consolidated financial statements for the 2020-2021 school year. This report was approved by Trustees.

2021 Board and Committee of the Whole meeting schedule

Meeting Date Time Location
Organizational Meeting December 7, 2021 6:00 p.m. TBD

The meeting dates for 2022 will be confirmed at the Organizational Meeting on December 7, 2021.

All Committee of the Whole and Regular Meetings of the Board are webcast and may be accessed through the TLDSB website www.tldsb.ca.


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